Transplant Center


The Kidney Transplant Program at the Lazarus Hospital Transplant Center draws from state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge medical and surgical interventions to provide individualised, ongoing care for patients with chronic kidney disease.


Advanced Evaluation and Multidisciplinary Care


All our patients receive integrated, comprehensive care to treat chronic renal failure, beginning with a careful assessment and discussion with the patient to ensure that transplantation is his/her best treatment option. Candidates work with a transplant coordinator, who participates in the initial evaluation, gathers medical information and previous test results. The transplant coordinator also manages the patient’s full evaluation, which includes patient education, medical, surgical and psychosocial evaluation, and transplant-specific testing. 


Post-transplant Care


After transplantation, patients are followed by our team of nephrologists, surgeons and nurses who manage the post-transplant needs of the patient, including communication with the patient’s primary care physicians and referral to other specialists, as needed.


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